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"...Those Words are not Enough..."


Yearrghhhhh! At last! Goin' back to Kuching tomorrow morning.

Things to do tonight.

1. Pack all my clothes (haven't pack anything yet due to traffic jam in the brain)

2. Pack my PC (bring back for my lil' cousin in Kuching. Me no need. I have my notebook)

3. Off to KLIA at 11pm.. (My flight early in the morning, 2morrow)

4. Sleep well in KLIA.. (haven't decide where yet)

Things to do after I reached Kuching.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's Siang Siang Corner, Batu 3.

2. Meet my beloved mum, grandma, uncles, aunties and also my cute lil' cousins..

3. Sleep.

4. Christmas visiting to Kampung Semadang, Kampung Kuap, Kampung Mambong... bla.. ba.. ( no need so detail larr.. unless you are from Kuching)

5. Holiday

6. Holiday

7. Holiday..

Things to do 6 days later

1. Becoming a workaholic. Again.


Note : Pray for my journey, frens.. Be blessed! Merry Christmas!
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