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"...Those Words are not Enough..."

All about Fuel

Walaooo ... I didn't even know about the price of petrol and diesel would go up TODAY. This morning I drove my friend's car to KLIA, coz she's going back to MIRI. We moved around 5am (dizzy) and her flight should be around 7am. All the way, we had a non stop chit chat that I totally forgot bout my incomplete sweet dream last night.. geezz.

Can't remember how this topic started..

Friend: Wei, forgot to tell you, starting from today harga minyak naik 20 sen.
Me: Arr? Minyak naik lagi? serious?
Friend: Yalah.. ramai orang wo beratur malam tadi.. pi isi minyak.

Then I looked at her car fuel meter.. "FULL".

Me: Waaaaaa.... so ari ni minyak petrol RM1.72 per liter lar?
Friend: Entah.. tapi naik la.. 20 sen.
Me: Glurp..

After sending her.. I went back home to change my clothes before I straight away rush for my office. I left her car at my house and I grap my scooter key.. It's almost 8am. I stopped at the nearby Shell station.. I knew that I'm not goin to refill fuel.. heheh! just to look at the petrol price per litre indicated on the pump .. aik? RM1.52? Did they forget to update the price.. uh? ah! who cares..

Reach office at 8.45am. Pew!

KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Thursday night quashed the rumour that the price of petrol and diesel would go up Friday or in the near future following an increase in the world petroleum price which had risen to more than US$60 per barrel.

"No. It's just a rumour," replied the Prime Minister, who is also Umno president, when questioned by reporters whether there would be any increase in the price of the commodity in the near future.

[Bernama full news]

P/S : Oh rumour? I just heard about the rumour this morning.. :) I'm outdated..:)
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