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Friday, September 10, 2004
Today i met my supervisor. Tarikh nak submit report semakin hampir.. my development still pending. WEBSPHERE PORTAL software very slow running on the machine (server).. It uses 99% - 100% of the 512gb memories.. but the usage of the CPU only 2%.. Mungkin sebab the tasks done by the websphere semuanya guna java application.. that's why. Lembab and i can't do much for the period of 3 hours.. from the time it launch, customize, update and until the time to upload. I don't what to spend my entire 2 months to face this problem..

I explained all these to my supervisor and i had a wonderful time being motivate by him. He gave me total encouragement.. semangatnya aku.. all i need to do now is to work hard. Thank God.. he said that there's another solution for me.. using an open source application for the development which known as PLONE. I've installed the software into my notebook and it runs smoothly.. 300% faster than Websphere running on 1.6ghz Intel Centrino with 512gb ram. No java.. But haven't explore much on it yet.. But so far.. sangat membransangkan! Kalau ok, than i'll install everything on the server...

There are less features in Plone compared to Websphere.. but nevermind.. only minor differences.. and i think Plone is a reliable and the right tools for me to explore and to complete my final project. Hahah.. need to spend more time now on the tutorials from the net.. Tak sangka gua akan guna Open Source.. Best! Support Open Source!! All for free!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
It's been 2 month ++ didn't update my blog.. Mizz my blog very much!! My fren Taiko dan mula merungut-rungut saban hari.. "Biler nak update blog?" I just make dunno.. Rilex la kawan! Heheh! What to do.. still wondering how to solve the development of my final project. Still pending. Less than 2 months to go before the expo..

After meeting with my supervisor, my fren called.. asked me whether i'm free or not to meet him at.. ermmm dunno what's thename of the building.. next to KLCC.. Argh.. whatever! He asked me for help.. pasal PC kat office.. got some minor problem. I said OK! Lagipun i'm planning to visit Low Yatt.. nengok-nengok price list PC gadgets. Decided nak naik komuter then LRT.. but at last i changed my mind.. better use my motorbike.. senang.. but tiring.. of course.

Sampai kat office, almost 2.30pm. Kena configure router and cable for the network sebab streamyx tak jalan.. so tak la lama nak buat sebab tak serious sangat.. less than 15 minutes settle! Kalau gua hebat, tentu kurang 1 minit dah siap.. anyway, syukurlah! Lepas tu pegi minum kat kedai kopi.. then lepak kat Low Yatt sorang-sorang... I bought 10pcs of blank cdr and rechargable batteries for my digicam.. ermm cukup la.. at least i have something to see after i reach home.. heheh!

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