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"...Those Words are not Enough..."

Withdraw Money From PayPal

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
To fellow Malaysians and also for those who do not know how to widthdraw money from PayPal to your Malaysian bank account, I have a GOOD NEWS for you..

You can now download the secret for free! FREE? YEAH, IT'S FREE!

Thanks to Hafiz ( cheapestcovers.com & road2millionaire.com ) for this HOT and yet FREE product!

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Monday, August 28, 2006
Sorry guys, no updates for almost (read : almost) 1 month. This month is such a tiring month for me. At my work place, no time to play around with the net (except for emails and the FTP thingy). After working hours, got something else to attend (meetings and music practice). Plus, i do not have internet connection at home. I've terminated my streamyx and my telephone line ( i have so many reasons for that).

For past few weeks :

Customizing E107 CMS. I'm not a hardcore coder, so i can't estimate when can i complete the CMS requirement.

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Tweaked my precious pet, E398. Woohoooo! It was succesfully converted to E1 ROKR with lots of Java Softwares, Games, iTunes, Video Camera and Voice Recorder. I'm in love with her once again! I can do the conversion for you too.. with a reasonable price! Let me know.

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Music practices and recordings.

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Yes, thats my tummy.

My previous workspace. Shall i name it, a garage? My dayjob is killing me now.

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Shiffing office, Shifting company but still in the same roof.

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My table aftermath.

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Updates accomplished!

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